Star dust a clue to life supporting planets?

Star dust a clue to life supporting planets?

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Star dust a clue to life supporting planets?

Britain: According to a research done by Zena Patel, a student of Indian origin it has been found out that, when a star explodes it results in recreating isotopes. These isotopes can help physicists understand where life supporting elements can be found in space.

The researchers said that, the study basically demonstrates the role of star dust- the remnants of exploded stars- in the formation of life supporting planets. The researchers also said that, it is just the first step in the long process of discoveries, but it will show the path to work further for understanding the conditions needed for life in the universe.

This was first observed by the researchers when a star exploded and isotopes of certain elements were formed. The origin of the heavy metals required to support life in the universe can be understood by these isotopes as well as the way in which the stars explode can be traced by the isotopes of these elements (samarium and gadolinium) as they are sensitive tracers.

Phil Walker, co-researcher from the University of Surrey said that during the research they recreated some of the isotopes formed during the explosion of a star by accelerating uranium to 70 percent of the speed of light and colliding it into a metal target. The team of researchers discovered that this reaction results in the creation of exotic isotopes by analyzing the fragments left behind using a gamma-ray microscope. They said that the structure of these isotopes had never been studied before.




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