Sleeping too much or too less Can Make you prone to Diseases...

Sleeping too much or too less Can Make you prone to Diseases and reduce life expectancy

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Sleeping too much or too less Can Make you prone to Diseases and reduce life expectancy

sydney: According to a recent study by the scientists at Warwick University, adults who have the habit of sleep more than 9 hours a night are at 30 percent higher risk of dying early. Also the people who sleep less than 6 hours a night are also likely to die early.

In short we can say that Sleeping too much or sleeping too less, both will affect your health adversely. Researchers concluded that people who take 7-8 hours of night sleep had higher life quality and comparatively have lived longer than long sleepers and short sleepers.

The study was conducted over one million people which took over a decade. Researchers recorded the sleeping habits of every participant and found that the people with excess sleeping and short sleeping both had some negative impact on them. Also, short sleepers and long sleepers both were prone to various health related problems including depression, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

In a screened comparison of the data, it was revealed that 30 percent more long sleepers and 12 percent more short sleepers died early than the moderate sleepers within the same period of time.

Lead researcher, Prof Cappuccio said, “Seven hours sleep keeps turning up over and over again.” “The typical adult today reports seven hours of sleep. And that actually seems to be the median sleep duration in the adult population around the world. That suggests there’s something around seven hours of sleep that’s kind of natural for the brain.” he added.

The study authors warned all the people by saying that too much sleeping and too less sleeping both are analogous to excess alcohol consumption as all these three will lead to increased mortality rate.

Moreover, the problem of inconsistent sleep is highly pronounced among the people who work in shifts like day and night, As working in shifts creates imbalance in biological clock making it much harder to get timely sleep.



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