NASA: ‘flowing liquid water’ evidence found on Mars

NASA: ‘flowing liquid water’ evidence found on Mars

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NASA: ‘flowing liquid water’ evidence found on Mars

Scientists now have have discovered a strongest evidence about “flowing liquid water” that exists on Mars, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said Monday morning.

US: NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has identified the evidence of “hydrated minerals” known as perchlorates that have formed streaks on the slopes on Mars’ surface as per the agencies. Some perchlorates have the ability to keep water from freezing even at temperatures as cold as -94 degrees Fahrenheit. The perchlorates that is present on Mars are forming the streaks known as recurring slope lineae (RSL), on the Martian slopes during the planet’s warm season, when temperatures climb above -10 degrees Fahrenheit.The streaks then disappear during the cold season.

Lujendra Ojha, who is one of the researchers on the project, said “Something is hydrating these salts, and it appears to be these streaks that come and go with the seasons,””This means the water on Mars is briny, rather than pure. It makes sense, because salts lower the freezing point of water. Even if RSL are slightly underground, where it’s even colder than the surface temperature, the salts would keep the water in a liquid form and allow it to creep down Martian slopes.”

The team is ready to publish its findings in the journal Nature Geoscience.




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