Looking for planet like earth in galaxy not possible

Looking for planet like earth in galaxy not possible

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Looking for planet like earth in galaxy not possible

Looking for planet like earth in galaxy not possible

Since our existence, we have wondered are we alone? The question still stays unanswered. Some astronomers are have stated that almost every star in galaxy has host planets and out of them 20 percent can be re habitable. Bigger truth is these planets may not be like earth at all.

UA:We know from our studies of stars, our sun is nothing compared to other stars in the galaxy. Even solar system is also small. There are stars, which are bigger in size, but brightness is lower than sun. These are called M-dwarfs. According to professor Meadows from University of Washington, planets of M-dwarf suns will be the first place where we can search for life on extraterrestrial environment. These planets are closer to us than others are. Habitual zone consists of planets, which revolve, in orbit, which is not too much hot or not too much cold. First thing, scientist will be wanting to know if planet has ocean and atmosphere because these two help in maintaining heat and temperature. Temperatures are evened out during day and night. Even if planet does not rotate, possibility of life is still good. Future missions will be very much of importance in terms of finding extraterrestrial life.

Also,An Asteroid named 2014 HL129 passes through a gap between earth and moon

Asteroid are loose cannon of space looking for any target to hit. Recently, an asteroid of school bus size nearly missed earth. Trajectory of asteroid was between the moon and the Earth. Asteroid was 25 foot wide, known as 2014 HL129. It was 186,000 miles was from Earth’s surface. It was 53,000 miles closer than the distance between earth and moon. If asteroid of that size collide with earth, impact has capacity destroy a complete small city. It will be half equivalent to Hiroshima nuclear holocaust of 1945 NASA and its team have studies such asteroids for several years. They keep an eye on trajectory of asteroid, which might cross Earth’s path. Researchers have found that there are unknown asteroid in space, which have capacity to cause impact any day without any warning Via S1 S2




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