Huawei devices will get Lollipop update next month

Huawei devices will get Lollipop update next month

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Huawei devices will get Lollipop update next month

Huawei has been quite slow in providing updates, but now it seems they will roll out the android 5 for selected device.

China: As we know that Huawei is one of the companies who are lagging behind in the rolling out of the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Well its time for the Chinese company to give some good news, as it has put up a list of smartphones that will be eligible to get the Lollipop update which will start next month. Of course, the updates will be rolled out in different phases.

The luckiest among the list will be Ascend Mate7 which will be the first to get Lollipop, followed by the Ascend p7 and Ascend Mate 2. There are also some devices that will get upgraded directly to Lollipop from the current Jelly Bean state.

But one thing that is shocking as the freshly introduced Honor 6 Plus and the Honor 4X device will have to wait for the Lollipop update for few months may be August. It is going to be long wait for Huawei device owners to get Lollipop update wrapped in the Emotion U.



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