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350,000 Years Ago the Use ofFire had begun in Israil
Fossil of a sea-creature
Fossil of a sea-creature thatLived on earth 520 millionYears ago...
Neanderthal Genes AssociatedWith Diseases In Advanced Days
Clay- The Essence for Lifeon Earth
Discovery of Skull ShowcasesHuman Evolution
Scientists Busy In BuildingOf Star Wars Like Lightsabers
NASA’s Mars Rover CuriosityContinue To Discover
Oxygen Was Present In EarthSurface Much Earlier That ItWas Thought...

Lobster like creature has been discovered with 508 million year old

Spider inspired sensor which detects heartbeats, reads speech

350,000 Years Ago the Use of Fire had begun in Israil

fruit flies

Fruit flies and their high intelligency: Think then Act

Kidney Dialysis Machine for New Born.

The role of placenta in the growth of the fetus’s gender.

Oldest fossil known by the scientists

Fruit Flies takes pause before taking important decision

Fruit Flies takes pause before taking important decision

Palentologists Found a Thigh Bone Bigger Than an Average Human The huge dinosaurs known to man would have been terrifying if alive, but it seems they were also too small in comparison with the behemoth, whichwas discovered in Patagonia last Wednesday. One of the thigh bone was found which was longer than an average human being, creature with such long thigh might have height of 40 meter. Argentina:Recently athigh bonewas uncovered in Argentina and it is the biggest bone ever discovered. Based on its size, thigh bone belonged to an animal which was the biggest animal ever lived. Paleontologists had uncovered a relatively similar animal few days back called Leinkupallaticauda, which was a 9 meters long. Based on evidence of the size, and comparison withdiplodocids fossils, scientists think the latest found animal weighed around 77,000 kilos. In comparision, the T-rexisis believed to have weight of some 7 tons. Newly found dinosaur weighed 1000 times an average human being and height equals seven-story building. As said, this giant may have been the biggest animal ever to live on the earth. Argentinosaurus held the last record of highest weight, which was 70,000 kilos, and it was found in Argentina. Scientists continue to find some more bones in Argentina and other places

A study Shows Infertile Man is Twice Prone to Death than Fertile Man

Palentologists Found a Thigh Bone Bigger Than an Average Human

smart sunglasses paired with smart phones for security

A Study show, magnetic Compass of birds are affected by electronic devices

Oldest Skelton found- A miracle

Oldest Skelton found- A miracle

MukiMug which display image with every hot coffee refill

MukiMug which display image with every hot coffee refill

west antartica report ice

West Antarctica Most Effected by Global Warming

Virus Feed on Sulfur found in Bacterial cell of Organisms in Darkness of Deep Sea

global warming

In 800,000 Carbon Dioxide Reaches Record Breaking Level

Super Heavy Unnamed Element

Super Heavy Unnamed Element discovered, Period table ready to fit the New Element


Inferiority Complex is not the Reason for Extinction of Neanderthals

babies with toy

Infants Start Understanding Real World Before his/her First Birthday


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