Apps Fight: WhatsApp vs WeChat, Which One a Better Messenger?

Apps Fight: WhatsApp vs WeChat, Which One a Better Messenger?

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Apps Fight: WhatsApp vs WeChat, Which One a Better Messenger?

There has been number of Messaging app to save you from the paid mesage packs. The two most popular are Whatsapp and WeChat.

U.K: Today we are going to compare two of the chatster:
WhatsApp Messenger is a instant messaging service made for smartphones and tablets which is inspecific of the platform. The application supports text , audio and video messages and even you can share images. It is Compatible with BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone,Android, Nokia S40, Asha and other Symbian platforms. First year free subscription then a fee of $0.99 (approx. Rs 60) per year but not for iOS, charges same every year.

WeChat is an another messaging service that can share text messages,voice messages and contact information exchange. Interestingly, WeChat also supports sharing streaming content feeds and user can install location based plug-in that enable in communicating with the local and international users. Its free and is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS and Nokia S40.

Features and Functionality
WhatsApp and Wechat permits users to send and receive text, audio and video clips and contact information as well. In addition, WeChat avails Video Calls and Live Chat. Also there are some social add-ons like Shake, look around, Drift Bottle etc in WeChat that expand new addition in friendlist.

To register, both Watsapp and WeChat requires valid phone number. WhatsApp scans the device to import contact using the service and WeChat notifies others that the registered user is available to send and receive messages.

WeChat is more secured than Watsapp as the contact detail protection is not there. also inWeChat, the users who are not in the list cannot see the phone number of the concerned person which is not there in WhatsApp.

WeChat also offers to keep number private and use QR Name Card or WeChat ID for masking.


WeChat offers better support than watsapp as there is a Desktop Compatibility also which allows users to chat from desktop browser using QR Codes. Web Grap Plugin is used.


WhatsApp has 103k ratings for 4.5, while WeChat has gained 16k ratings for 4.


I will like to conclude that as Whatsapp is having advantage of early release overall WeChat is better than Whatsapp in terms of compatibility and support it gives.




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